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CAHSS Advising

The names below are links.  Feel free to contact us if you have a question and we’ll do our best to help or direct you to the right answer.  More about us HERE.

James Hamilton
Robert Pawloski
Jenae Wilson
True Grit







What We Do:
  • Advise students about academic degree requirements and assist them with course mapping/registration.
  • Explain university requirements for graduation.
  • Utilize degree audit to track academic progress.
  • Monitor course completion and recommend advice for students that need tutorial support.
  • Provide information on institutional policies and procedures.
  • Inform students about extra-curricular activities such as clubs and organizations.
  • Assist students with career planning.
  • Make referrals for students to the appropriate offices such as the Career Center, Honors College, Study Abroad, Learning Resources Center, etc.
  • Stay up to date concerning changes to institutional information including new academic programs, important dates/deadlines, course offerings.
  • Develop new materials and presentations to support academic advising efforts.