CAHSS Advisors

Feel free to contact us if you have a question and we’ll do our best to help or direct you to the right answer.  More about us HERE.

James Hamilton
Robert Pawloski
Jenae Wilson
Molly Timko

Important Dates

Summer Session II Begins


Fall 2022 Classes Begin


Schedule Adjustment  Add-Drop Ends


What We Do

  • Advise students about academic degree requirements and assist them with course mapping/registration.
  • Explain university requirements for graduation.
  • Utilize degree audit and other data tools to track academic progress.
  • Monitor course completion and recommend advice for students that need tutorial support.
  • Provide information on institutional policies and procedures, such as Course Repeat, Excess Credit, Late-Add, etc.
  • Inform students about extra-curricular activities such as clubs and organizations.
  • Assist students with career planning.
  • Make referrals for students to the appropriate offices such as the Career Center, Honors College, Study Abroad, Learning Resources Center, etc.
  • Stay up to date concerning changes to institutional information including new academic programs, important dates/deadlines, course offerings.
  • Develop new materials and presentations to support academic advising efforts.