Pre-Law Student Organizations and Activities

UMBC students of all majors can participate in pre-law and law-related activities such as:

  • Pre-Law Society – The Pre-Law Society provides a community for all UMBC students interested in or considering law school. This includes hosting preparatory sessions for the LSAT, promoting law school interests across the campus, and hosting guest speakers and panel events in conjunction with the political science department and the pre-law advisor.  Follow the Pre-Law Society on Instagram.
  • Mock Trial Team– a student organization that educated members and the student body about our legal system, jurisprudence, and the work of attorneys.  Follow the Mock Trial Team on Instagram.

UMBC’s Mock Trial Team ranked #1 in the country for the 2021-22 season!

  • Moot Court – an intellectual sport that competes in simulated Supreme Court case arguments.
  • Model UNan intellectual sport that simulates the real United Nations.
  • Model African Union – an intellectual sport that provides an academic simulation of the African Union and aims to educate participants about current African events, diplomacy, and the African Union agenda.
  • Maryland Student Legislature – a statewide organization that provides students with the opportunity to voice their opinions by writing and debating legislation.  Maryland Student Legislature is a student model of Maryland’s legislative’s branch – the Maryland General Assembly.
  • Ethics Bowl -the Philosophy Department sponsors the UMBC Ethics Bowl team, which holds weekly meetings and training sessions and also competes in regional and national tournaments.  Team members develop rhetorical, critical reasoning, and public speaking skills while considering fundamental and timely ethical questions.
  • Center for Democracy and Civic LifeThe Center for Democracy and Civic Life works with campus and national partners to produce, inspire, and share innovations in civic learning and democratic engagement. The Center develops learning forums in which participants enact civic values and build civic capacities, including STRiVE and Alternative Spring Break.